A Glimpse Into The Future For Year 4 TCM Students

Elegantly summarised by Google AI:

This video is for year 4 TCM students and it gives them advice on how to prepare for graduation and beyond.

The first tip is to start collecting photographic and video evidence of your treatments. You should do this with anonymity and maintain patient confidentiality. This evidence will be helpful to build up case studies that you can use later on. The idea is to have these case studies documented so that you can show them on your social media profile or website to demonstrate the effectiveness of your TCM practice.

The second tip is to read an article about memory TCM and how it relates to indigenous culture or ancient culture. The video mentions that the philosophy or principle of improving your memory regarding TCM still applies. The idea of a really good story helps your brain memorize all these details about what you’re learning.

In conclusion, the video offers two tips to year 4 TCM students: start collecting case studies and read about memory TCM

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