Considering Other Styles of Acupuncture … They Cannot Be Ignored

Elegantly summarised by Google AI:

This video is about different styles of acupuncture beyond what is typically taught in college. The speaker, a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is sharing their research on other acupuncture styles.

The video is aimed at students in year one and two of TCM college. The speaker acknowledges that the current curriculum focuses on a specific set of acupuncture techniques, including fire needling, cupping, and scalp acupuncture. However, the speaker argues that there are other effective styles not taught in college, and that students should be aware of them.

Two particular styles are mentioned in the video: balance method acupuncture by Dr. Richard Tan and neoclassical acupuncture by Dr. Slate Buris. The speaker suggests that students will find these styles beneficial in their clinical practice. The speaker plans to share more findings on these styles as their research progresses.

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