Minimising Friction in Learning via the 3 Second Rule

In this short video I will explain how to maintain flow in the brain by minimising friction by applying the 3 second rule.

Elegantly summarised by Google Bard:

This video is about using the 3 second rule to reduce friction and make learning more effective. The speaker uses a tool called Airtable to demonstrate how to apply this rule.

The 3 second rule is the idea that when you are learning, you should be able to move between different areas of knowledge within 3 seconds. This helps to keep your brain in a flow state and makes it more likely that you will retain the information you are learning.

The speaker uses Airtable to create panels for different areas of knowledge, such as acupuncture points, herbs, formulas, and medical conditions. He then uses the 3 second rule to move between these panels. For example, if he is looking at a formula, he can quickly go to the category that it belongs to, the functions that it does, the herbs and the quantities, and then to each herb and what it does.

The speaker says that the 3 second rule can be applied to any tool that you use for learning. The important thing is to be able to move between different areas of knowledge quickly and easily. This will help you to learn more effectively and retain the information you learn.

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