Putting The TCM Bachelors Course in Perspective

Elegantly summarised by Google Bard:

This video is about the Bachelor’s degree in TCM and what to expect during the four years of the course.

The speaker says that the two reasons why this platform was created are to make the learning process as easy as possible and to shortcut and accelerate the learning and appreciation of TCM. The speaker also says that the ultimate goal at the end of the four years is to pass the final board exam to become an approved practitioner, perform effective diagnosis, provide effective acupuncture prescription and treatments, and provide effective herbal prescriptions and treatments.

The speaker then goes on to say that in year one and two, students are learning the fundamentals of TCM Theory, Anatomy, Western medicine herbs and points. The speaker says that the content becomes a little bit more difficult in year two, but that overall, the students were all very sensible and intelligent people who all experienced the same set of experiences and feelings. The speaker says that it is common for students to feel overwhelmed, disillusioned, and incompetent at this time, but that they should not worry because things will start to get easier in year three.

In year three, students start to learn more specific and apply more specific TCM theories. The speaker says that their knowledge and understanding starts to consolidate a bit more, their memory feels better, and the ambiguity becomes easier to navigate. This continues in year four, where students also do a lot of hours of clinical practice. The speaker says that the clinical practice helps consolidate everything together and that by year three and year four, things start to consolidate more and more. The speaker also says that students get more confident and their memory feels like it’s coming together.

The speaker concludes the video by saying that if students put in the right amount of effort from years one, they will get there.

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