Use AirTable to Enhance Your Study Skills

Elegantly summarised by Google Bard:

This video is about Airtable and how it can be used to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The speaker first goes over three key points for effective studying:

  • The three second rule: being able to move between different areas of knowledge within three seconds to maintain flow of thought.
  • Curating your own study notes: processing the information so it goes into your subconscious mind, rather than using someone else’s notes.
  • Limiting the information you try to recall at once: focusing on a smaller amount of information makes it more likely you will remember it.

The speaker then demonstrates how Airtable can be used to meet these requirements. They show how to add new points to a list, copy and paste information from other sources, and take pictures to add to your notes. They also show how to access your notes from the mobile app, and how to search for specific herbs or points.

Overall, the video shows how Airtable can be a helpful tool for studying TCM by making it easy to organize and access your notes.

more videos on AirTable to come …

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